Ballroom: 5 weeks of Quickstep & Foxtrot Claires 7.30pm & 8.30pm class bundle (1st July)


5 week Quickstep & Foxtrot course  for Claire’s Bronze & Bronze+ , running on Mondays at TLC.



This ticket is for a 5 week course, with 2 hours each week to include:

2 weeks of Claire’s Bronze Quickstep at 7.30pm  &  Bronze+  Quickstep at 8.30pm
AND 3 weeks of Claire’s Bronze Slow Foxtrot at 7.30pm & Bronze+ Slow Foxtrot at 8.30pm

The 5 week course will begin with 2 weeks of Quickstep on Monday 1st July, then 3 weeks of Foxtrot on Monday 15th July.

No partners are required as we all dance together in our respective levels
Places are limited so book your place by buying this ticket.

If you are a beginner please book onto our beginners course