Pay as you go price for more experienced Kizomba dancers

Category: Kizomba


This ticket allows those dancers with more experience in Kizomba to attend class and the social dancing on the designated night, saving you £1.
If you are a beginner at Kizomba, please purchase the 4-week course from the shop starting on designated dates so that we can progress throughout the 4-weeks learning this beautiful dance.
If you are a student (with student card), or if you live on the Isle of Wight, please select ‘NUS/IoW’ above, or ‘regular’ if not.
8.30pm.  Beginners 4-week course* with Tracie & Claire
9.15pm   Social
10.30pm Close

*If you are new to Kizomba and dance in general, we advise you to have some prior experience in another dance (e.g. Tango, Salsa, Ballroom, Bachata etc) before learning Kizomba, as Kizomba is quite challenging.

No partners are required as we all dance together in our respective levels.  However, couples who wish to stay together can do so, just please make it known on the booking form.
If purchasing for your partner as well, please select 2 tickets and enter the name of your partner on the booking form.

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