L3 Partner Tango 10-Aug


Advanced Partner class
Please purchase 2 tickets if paying as a couple together
Or individually if not

Category: Argentine Tango


Tuesday 8.30-9.45pm
A small group class for 6 fixed couples, with a mini practica (within your own dance pod) for advanced Tango dancers.
As well as solid technique, you will also enrich your dance with musicality, leaders style, followers decorations and with lots of fun and flair.
This ticket is for partners in a couple OR those who are dancing friends and are ‘buddying up’ together
Please give your partner’s name when making the booking
If purchasing as a couple together, please pay for 2 tickets
If purchasing with a dance buddy, you can purchase your ticket individually, but please enter the name of your partner so Tracie can match this up when the other booking comes in.