Partner Jive 9-Aug


Partner class
Please purchase 2 tickets if paying as a couple
Or individually if not

Category: Ballroom


Monday 8.00 – 9.30pm – Latin Jive class for partners
This ticket is for partners in a couple OR those who are dancing friends and are ‘buddying up’ together
Please give your partner’s name when making the booking
If purchasing as a couple, please pay for 2 tickets
If purchasing with a dance buddy, you can purchase your ticket individually, but please enter the name of your partner so Tracie can match this up when the other booking comes in.
Our routines always involve easy and more challenging options, in layers, depending on your experience.  So you can choose to go with the easy options or the more challenging.
Each class will include technique in footwork, body movement, top tips with style, flavour and loads of fun.
It’s a great way to level up your dancing, keep your core and keep dancing.
Please select your level of experience in dance so that we know at which level to pitch the class :
  • Level 2 – Improvers in Ballroom/Latin or any other dance
  • Level 3 – confident dancers in Ballroom/Latin or any other dance
Join us to learn this super dance, tone your body and hone your technique with fun, flavour and style!