Zoom Tango class AND Chacarera 11-May @ 7pm


For all levels (excluding Absolute Beginners)

Category: Argentine Tango


Zoom Chacarera class   7-8pm

Tracie & Claire will be teaching a super solo Tango class and finishing with the ‘Chacarera’, which is danced at the end of Milongas all over the world and is a fun ‘end of party’ dance.  It’s full of joy with much stamping of feet and swishing of skirts !
We will adapt the Chacarera for solos and couples to dance on the Zoom screen and have lots of fun.
It will be a great way to celebrate the end of our Zoom classes before we return to the TLC Studio on the 17 May – subject to Government restrictions of course!
If you really want to get into the ‘feel’ of it, then ladies can wear full skirts or dresses so that you can ‘swish’ at the right time in the choreo.

Suitable for all existing Tango dancers AND also for those dancers of any style (like Salsa, Ballroom, Ceroc, Lindy, Modern/Tap/Ballet etc) and who want to learn Argentine Tango.
We teach in bite-sized sections then play music and repeat this process throughout the hour’s class.  There are easy to more challenging options in everything we teach, depending on your experience, so there is something for all levels and abilities to transform your dancing.
As well as technique, you will also enrich your dance with musicality, leaders style, followers decorations and with lots of fun and flair.
This is a great way to develop your dance, keep your core and help to stay ‘match fit’ in order to return when restrictions are lifted.
The price for the class is per connection / per screen.  If you are a couple taking the class, then you only need to pay once.

After purchasing this class, you will receive an immediate confirmation email which will include the Zoom ID and passcode
If you don’t receive the email, please look in your junk folder