Zoom Viennese Waltz class 19-Apr @ 7pm


For all levels
(excluding Absolute Beginners who have never danced any style before)

Category: Ballroom


Viennese Waltz online class via Zoom  7-8pm
Join us for a super fun interactive class to give you a little bit of TLC on a Monday night IN.
Tracie & Claire will be teaching a wonderful solo American Smooth Viennese Waltz routine to this fantastic track Que Sera Sera by Doris Day.  This means that it will be more confined and with fewer spins than a usual Viennese Waltz, in order to fit in your home space!
There will be a fusion of simple moves from other dances while using the romantic Viennese Waltz timing. We will also be learning a slower version of the fantastic Fleckerl as hailed on Strictly.
You do not need to have danced any Viennese Waltz before, however we do suggest you have some dance experience in another style of dance to be able to get the most from this class.
Our routines always involve teach easy and more challenging options, in layers, depending on your experience.
Each class will include technique in footwork, body movement, top tips with style, flavour and humour plus full on musicality to the track we are using.
This is a great way to develop your dance, keep your core, stay active and keep dancing with us in this lockdown
The price for the class is per connection / per screen.  If you are a couple taking the class, then you only need to pay once
Looking forward to seeing you there

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