Argentine Tango Classes


If you are looking for something exciting, fun, healthy and life changing - then you have found it!

TLC has taught Argentine Tango in Southampton since 1999 and thousands of people have enjoyed the intensity and magic of this dance since then.

If you want to learn this beautiful dance with our expert teachers at TLC, please see below for our classes which run throughout the year except at Christmas.
We have a very friendly group where we encourage everyone to dance together. This way, you do not need to book with partners.

As an Absolute Beginner, you can try the Taster class at the start of our 2-monthly beginners course on Tuesdays (see specific dates below), then if you like it (and we are sure you will), you can continue the course.

While Beginners have their course on Tuesdays, there are classes for Recent Beginners, Improvers and Intermediates/Advanced on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays - see format below. For the higher class (Level 4) Tracie invites wonderful guest teachers wh
o teach the Level 4 class with her on Tuesdays. Level 4 on Wednesdays have a more challenging class with Tracie and Joe.

The format for Tuesdays is:
7.30pm      Arrival / registration / dancing / warm up
8pm           Level 1        Beginners Course

8pm           Level 2        Revising simple core elements and technique
8pm           Level 3        Working slightly harder
8pm           Level 4        A challenging class with Tracie & guest teachers
9.30pm     Milonguita +DJs Claire, Debbie, Josephine & Charles until 11pm          Close

The format for Wednesdays is:

7pm           Arrival / registration / dancing / warm up

7.30pm     Level 2 & 3       with Claire & Charles
8.30           Practica            (level 4 can arrive)     
9pm           Level 3+ & 4     with Tracie & Joe
9.30pm     Watershed        for a more challenging class for level 4

10.15          Practica and Milonga for all

11pm          Close

The list of our fantastic visiting guest teachers at TLC Tango this year are listed in the Intermediate section - click here


All classes concentrate on the magical Tango music and the connection in close embrace.
Take the chance, it might just change your life!

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Absolute Beginners

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St. Barnabas Church Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton. SO14 6QS



2017 Course Dates

Our  Tango tasters are on Tuesdays for Absolute Beginners.   You can start on any of the dates below (ahead of the 2 month course).  We run new Tasters and courses every 8 weeks.

Tuesdays Tasters and beginning of courses:

5 September

(you can always join on the second week 12 September when they revise the basics from the first week.)

31 October

9 January 2018

Class Start:    8pm
Class Finish: 9.30pm
Dancing ‘til: 11pm


Cost: £10 taster - redeemed against:

£63  for a discounted 8 week course

£54  for a discounted 7 week course in Nov/Dec


Student Discount: £7 Taster, redeemed against the discounted 8 week course fee of £42

(After completing a Beginners course,
NUS students would pay £6 each night
instead of £9, presenting a valid ID)




Level 1: Absolute Beginners:

Please note, unlike Level 2, 3 & 4 which are drop-in classes, the Absolute Beginners class is an 8 week course and you need to start at one of the taster classes. See opposite for dates.

You can join the next Tango taster for Absolute Beginners on :

 Tuesdays 5 September

where you can pay £10 for the first class as a taster and then decide to continue the 2 monthly course thereafter (subject to availability).

For our Absolute Beginners taster class and course, we assume you know nothing and this is designed for people with 2 (or more) left feet! When you complete the 8 week course, you progress into the Level 2 class - see below.

After the classes finish, the lights go down and everyone is encouraged to practice and dance together until 11pm or as long as you want to stay

Places are limited and booking is suggested to secure your place, but you can always turn up on the Taster nights without partners and without booking. All details are held on the next page for information on paying for the Tango Taster night & courses


If you want to see us in action, then please visit us at TLC on a Tuesday or Weds night and ask for Tracie (when she is not teaching!)

Level 2 

at TLC, St Barnabas Church Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton  SO14 6QS

TLC Tango classes take place every

Tuesday  -8 - 9.30pm

Dancing ‘til: 11pm

Wednesday - 7.30 - 9pm

£9 on the door (double discount of £5 on the Weds if attending both nights in one week)

NUS: £6 on the door


Level 2:
Recent Beginners

This class will focus on technique, your axis (balance) and core elements to enhance your connection with your partner and the music.

Revising the ochos, the cross, simple moves and double time

This is a drop-in class on a weekly basis.


Level 3

at TLC, St Barnabas Church Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton  SO14 6QS


TLC Tango classes take place every

Tuesday  - 8 - 9.30pm 

Dancing ‘til: 11pm

Wednesday - 7.30 - 9.30pm

Cost: £9 on the door (double discount of £5 on the Weds if attending both nights in one week)

NUS: £6 on the door



Level 3: Improvers

This is a class for dancers with at least 8 months continual and current experience, or rusty Level 4 Intermediates.
This is a drop-in class on a weekly basis.


Level 4 

 at TLC, St Barnabas Church Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton  SO14 6QS

TLC Tango classes take place every


Class Start:   8pm
Class Finish: 9:30pm
Dancing ‘til: 11pm


Class Start:   9pm
Class Finish: 10.15 pm
Dancing ‘til: 11pm

Cost: £9 - unless stated otherwise + guest teachers
Double discount of £5 on the Weds if attending both nights in one week)
£3 for dancing after 9.30pm



Level 4 - Intermediates:

For those of you with at least 2 year's regular experience of Argentine Tango, our Level 4 classes are held with Tracie and guest teachers, where you can drop-in on a weekly basis.  Tracie teaches mostly close embrace and the nuances of making a harmonious connection with your partner and the music within the moves

NB Every Wednesday Tracie and Joe Hudson will be teaching the Level 4 class together at TLC, sharing their passion, knowledge and expert technique


29/30 Aug       MABEL             £11  teaching Vals
31 October       Los Ocampo   £13  & Halloween
1 November    Los Ocampo    £13  &  Milonga
28/29 Nov       Paul Vossen     £11
12/13 Dec         Los Ocampo     £15  Xmas party

Learn from these legendary guest teachers who travel all over the world, and you will find new ways of enjoying the dance, connecting with your partner, feeling the music and how to share a wonderful moment:


NB :
If you have had more than 2 months off from learning or dancing Tango, then we would suggest you join a lower level, until you are up to speed with your technique again.

& finally:


It's a step when you walk with your arms together…
It's a hobby when you start walking with people you do and don't know…
It's a dance when you start walking with the music….
It's an art when you get the meaning of it…
It's a way of life once you understand it…
It's a tango.

--Joel Smith, Age 14, July 2002, Polly's Grandson, after dancing tango about six months.