Here is an overview of all the dance classes at the TLC Dance School in Southampton.
Update: July 2021 – As the Covid case numbers and the risk of ‘pingdamonium’ is very high, we are still being cautious and dancing in pods marked out on the floor with measures in place to keep you as safe as possible, Click here for details.  

Tracie’s Latin Club is the BEST place to learn to dance and we can’t wait to welcome you and get you started.
Dancing at TLC is not just about learning steps, we have a super dance community that learn for fun, friendships, fitness, confidence, inner joy, mental wellbeing and much more.
But don’t just take our word for it – please check the raving reviews which are genuine emails we receive without any prompting.

We host superb dance classes at all levels in various styles of dance.  If you are a nervous Absolute Beginner or a confident Advanced dancer, we have something for everyone in all of the following dance styles!  Only at TLC will you get this much choice and of course the ‘TLC’ experience!  Below is an overview of our super class timetable at the TLC Studio.  Select a style of dance which interests you, or if you don’t know which style to choose, what to wear or have other questions please see the FAQs page.

We also have gift vouchers available which is a super gift for your loved ones.
Please click the style you like, book and join us soon – we can’t wait to see you.

Weekly classes


  • Ballroom & Latin (run by TLC)
    • 7.00 – 8.00pm  Solo class for existing dancers any level
    • 8.15-9.30pm    Partner class for existing dancers any level


  • Argentine Tango (run by TLC)
    • 7.00 – 8.15pm  Level 2 Partner class for Improvers
    • 8.30 – 9.45pm  Level 3 Partner class for advanced


  • Salsa  (run by Salsa Southampton)
    • 7.30 – 8.30pm:  Level 2 & Level 2+/L3 Salsa partner class (separate classes)
    • 8.45 – 9.45pm:  L2 Bachata partner class


  • Salsa (run by Salsa Southampton)
    • 7.30 – 8.30pm:  L1+ Salsa partner class  & L2 Solos (separate classes)
    • 8.45 – 9.45pm:  L4/5 Salsa partner class

Dance Styles

Argentine Tango (to distinguish it from Ballroom Tango) originated in Buenos Aires and has many various styles to reflect the different flavours of music. There is the intensity of the traditional Tango, the playful Milonga, the lyrical Vals, the moody Modern or the cheeky Chacarera. We love teaching and dancing all styles at TLC in our large socially distanced dance pods with a 2m buffer zone to keep you safe.

If you love Strictly and the different styles of partner dances then this is the place for you.  At TLC we mainly teach the favourite Ballroom dances in 2 or 3 week blocks so you really connect with the music and the flavour of each dance.   In our socially distanced dance pods, with an extra 2m buffer zone, we can teach Latin Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Charleston, Ballroom Waltz & American Smooth dances, plus the occasional class in Paso Doble, Ballroom Tango, Viennese Waltz.

Salsa is a lively and exciting style of music and dance which typifies popular culture throughout Latin America. It is a fusion of traditional dances and music from Cuba and Puerto Rico with the jazz influence of New York. The various dance styles of Salsa typically include turn patterns with a partner. Salsa Southampton mainly focus on the ‘cross body’ style in classes, although they also offer some additional classes in other salsa styles e.g. Cuban, Cha Cha & Pachanga, and there is a very healthy ‘Cuban Rueda’ scene in Southampton.

Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic and has evolved to have different music and styles as it has spread throughout the world. Salsa Southampton teach both the ‘Moderno’ style, which typically borrows & adapts some of the salsa style turn patterns, as well as the ‘Sensual’ style, which has beautiful fluid body movements.

Kizomba started in Angola and uses very recognisable traditional African rhythms mixed with more contemporary influences, such as R&B.  The dance has evolved into a funky urban version of Tango, mainly danced in close hold, but very relaxed.  These classes have not yet resumed while we remain under social distancing rules.