Argentine Tango in Southampton

7.15pm  Doors open & music playing for practice dancing
8pm        Level 1 Beginners 2 x 4 week courses
               Level 2 class – Improving/rusty beginners
               Level 3 class – Improvers
               Level 4 class – Advanced

9.30pm   Practice dancing  (£4 for those joining at this time)
10.30     Close

COSTS (can change with guest teachers):
£11 (£8 NUS/IoW) per person in advance OR on the door cash or card
4 week Beginners course & 4-week pass £40 in advance (£26)

We are renown for our expert tuition, for having one of the best structures to help progression AND the most friendly, fun vibe … while giving lots of TLC of course!



Welcome to Argentine Tango with TLC … “The consensus is that your classes are the best!”

Tuesday 18 June – All classes with options how to dance to alternative Tango music AND alternative milonga after 9.30pm with DJ Claire New
Tuesday 25 June – Celebrating 24 years of teaching Tango in Southampton with Los Ocampo

Whether you are an Absolute Beginner wanting to learn this magical dance or an experienced dancer wanting to refresh your technique for milongas, we have it all at TLC!  We teach in a very organic way so that dancers learn how to lead and to follow with improvisation and musicality.  Thus learning how to create ‘a moment’ of exquisite poetry in motion!  The format & prices of our classes are shown below with discounts available for bookings in advance, or full price on the door with cash or card.

Classes are for all levels every Tuesday in our beautiful Southampton dance school.

FOR BEGINNERS: We have two 4 week courses, designed for those who have absolutely no experience of dance, so don’t panic. We go very slowly, we teach lots of technique with a lot of fun and gradually building your confidence.  Your classes are also in the back studio so no-one will be watching!  Argentine Tango is the most magical of dance styles and we’ll get you dancing after the first class.  Book here to join us.

For more experienced dancers, you can drop in and pay as you go or purchase a discounted 4-week pass starting at the beginning of every month.  Click here to view all the options We also have our super guest teachers periodically throughout the year, listed on the side.

Please DO NOT ATTEND if you are feeling unwell with viral symptoms, such as a cold, flu, sore throat, cough.  There are plenty of hand sanitisers for our dancers to use.

To share the gift of dance with your loved ones, TLC gift dance vouchers are a great idea – please click here for details.

We have always advocated that dancing can really help with mental wellbeing in so many ways, and here’s proof that dance can really improve your health and your brain

And  if you know of others who want to learn somewhere else in the UK, then click here for a map of Tango classes and milongas they can join .

Our class structure

8-9.30pm    Absolute Beginners 

Two 4 week courses (different elements in each)
Learning the basics with fluidity

Each 4 week course is £40 (£26) per person
Advance bookings only

8-9.30pm   Level 2 Beginners plus

Learning simple figures with fluid motion

8-9.30pm   Level 3 – Improvers

Learning to join various figures with fluidity & musicality

8-9.30pm   Level 4 – Advanced class

For those confident using various figures with a fluid movement

Thank you as always for fabulous classes.  Your Club is such a welcoming and wonderful place to dance.

Joanna, Sept 2023
Starting Tango lessons with my two left feet was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone but I am so glad I did! Josephine makes the classes fun and informed. The time just flies by.
I stepped out of my comfort zone yet again when I stayed on for the practice and I had such a good time. Everyone I have spoken to is so welcoming and friendly and the experienced leaders who have led me onto the dance floor are so patient and giving of their time to a newbie. I have been spreading the word!   Valerie, July 2022
I have to tell you that we are enjoying the course so, so much…. We are completely and utterly hooked.  Even though it is early days, we both feel as though we are starting to dance (though learner plates might be needed). We practice up and down our lounge…… Ha ha.  Steve, March 2022
I loved every minute, thank you very much for your amazing teaching! – Viktoria, March 2022
“What a wonderful experience!
Together with my husband we have been learning Argentine Tango at Tracie’s Latin Club for about a year. Back in October, when we were in Buenos Aires for a holiday, we had a chance to dance some tango in the local tango venue, and we were able to do so only thanks to invaluable lessons with Tracie and the team in the UK! Thank you so much for teaching us!” Helena (now living abroad)