Welcome to our online dance classes – where no partners are required!  

While we may not be able to dance at the moment, we have designed a way for you to get your dancing fix.
Never has it been so important to find your happy place when things around us are looking grim and we feel angry, sad or under stress, so here is our way of giving you a little ‘TLC’

Weekly Zoom Classes

We had such fun with our in-person classes for the 7 weeks while at the TLC Studio, we wanted to keep the momentum going and have devised a selection of classes for solo dancers in a few different styles.  We have all realised just how much our technique and muscle tone has greatly suffered by the inactivity during the previous lockdown, so let’s keep practicing and keep strong so we can bounce back again when the lockdown is over.

We will have weekly live classes via Zoom for an hour each class with time afterwards for a social chit chat.
Details will be announced shortly but the styles and the days are as follows:

Mondays – Latin & Ballroom

Tuesdays – Argentine Tango

Wednesdays – Cha Cha

Thursdays – Salsa for Advanced


Weekly subscriptions of pre-recorded videos for Improvers & Advanced Salsa dancers 

If you prefer to learn in your own time, at your own pace with the facility of rewinding as many times as you like (or fast forward!), then subscribe to a fantastic weekly subscription of pre-recorded classes either for Improvers or for Advanced dancers via SalsaSouthampton.

Both levels have a set of 4 videos released every Friday, where you can learn Salsa footwork, body movement, technique, musicality, some Cha Cha & Bachata etc etc so that when we are ready to open as normal you are ready to rumble!!

  • Once subscribed, you are emailed a link to a specific page on the website with a set of 4 videos released each Friday for each level;
  • You can watch the videos as many times as you like during the week;
  • All videos are recorded in HD so you can play them through your big TV screens;
  • The content is designed mainly for solo dancers;
  • You can get your entire family involved within your household;

The weekly subscription costs £8 (£5 NUS) and can be cancelled at any time.

Our expert tuition will give you all our top tips in how to improve your dancing, while maintaining our fun approach.
These videos are recorded in HD so you can view them on a big screen TV – and huge thanks to Rob Havill for helping us make these videos.

Alternatively, if you have loved ones with a birthday, or an anniversary coming up, or if they are on their own and may need a little ‘TLC’ in their lives, then why not give them the gift of dance?
You can purchase any of the classes by following the links below.


If you want to start learning Salsa, then we have a superb online Salsa course for Beginners in 6 easy lessons – with the first lesson FREE
Click here to get started on the Salsa Southampton website


If you are an existing Salsa dancer, or just finished the Beginners course, we have our fantastic weekly online Salsa classes for Improvers and another set for Advanced dancers.
Each week includes a set of 4 videos of amazing Salsa footwork, styling, turn technique, partner work without partners, Bachata, Cha Cha etc etc lasting approximately 30-40 minutes each video.
Click here to get started on the Salsa Southampton website


For more Bachata classes please join us in one of our weekly subscriptions for online Salsa classes for Improvers or Advanced level, as we include Bachata classes once a fortnight.
Click here to get started on the Salsa Southampton website


As we cannot be with you in person, please ensure you use your common sense and remember:

  • when performing any dance class or exercise without supervision, you are performing them at your own risk.  If in doubt please consult your doctor that this form of exercise is suitable;
  • It is your responsibility to make your own risk assessment of the area you are dancing in, so completely clear a safe space in which to move, avoiding trips, slips and falls – including objects from tables, from the floor & be careful of low hanging lamp shades etc etc!
  • to wear suitable footwear to be able to pivot on your own floor surface (ie no rubber soled shoes, flip flops, sandals etc);
  • to ensure you are on a suitable smooth surface floor in order to pivot; such as tiles, laminate or real wood;
  • we would ask you to avoid dancing on carpet, but if you do, try a pair of leather soled shoes, or limit the amount of pivoting you do, to avoid damaging your knees;
  • to ensure there are no distractions from children or pets and that you have suitable hydration at all times;
  • do not attempt anything that you do not feel 100% comfortable with.  If in doubt, please consult a medical expert before participating;
  • by participating in these classes you are agreeing to waive any and all liability to TLC and its employees for any injury or harm.


  • Before you begin,  it is vital that you warm up before and cool down after any exercise session.
  • If something hurts stop immediately! These movements should not cause pain or discomfort. Every ‘body’ is different, and you should work within your limitations.
  • Please take things at your own pace. As this is an online activity, you can pause, stop, and restart whenever you need to. You may also modify exercises so that they do not push the extremes of your capabilities.