TLC Studio

St. Barnabas Hall, Lodge Road

SO14 6QS
United Kingdom

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The TLC Studio has a wonderful dance floor with great lighting and sound systems. The large main hall also has a stage with polished wooden floor, which can be used as a teaching area, and the more intimate back hall has the same flooring as the main hall. These different areas allow for multiple classes to run concurrently, including different music and dance styles (e.g. salsa & kizomba).


The onsite car park is for ladies please (see pink area on map below). Additional parking has been arranged by Tracie opposite the venue in Kwik Fit, Simply Bathrooms, next door at Indigo (formally Condor) and round the corner in Indigo Print, Cambridge Road.

Please note that the stone wall in the Kwik Fit car park, beside the pavement, is reserved for Carpet Factory and we cannot use this area.

Parking on the roads is only for 2 hours at any time.

Please park next to each other in line and sensibly so that we can all maximise the space.

 Parking spaces at the TLC Studio

Parking spaces at the TLC Studio

Upcoming Events at TLC Studio

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