Kizomba in Southampton with TLC
@ TLC studio, St Barnabas Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton S014 6QS


Kizomba in Southampton

Steve has been teaching Kizomba in Southampton since 2010 when he travelled to Portugal to gain the essence of this beautiful dance from Benjamim Nande in Portugal, and everyone has really taken to this intoxicating dance.

EVERY Monday (except Bank Holidays)

AND NOW Party Night Fridays  in 2017:
15 September,   13 October,   10 November,
15 December

PLUS    KIZOMBA-only party nights in 2017:
1 September  Workshops and party with Rico teaching & DeeJay DGil
Click here for details

Next Dates: 7 November

ALL @ the TLC studio, St Barnabas Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton S014 6QS

Mondays -   (except Bank Holidays)

8-9pm        Beginners class - NB some dance experience is required to start as a Beginner in Kizomba (whether it is in Salsa, Bachata, Ballroom, Tango etc )

9-10pm       Improvers progressive class to Advanced
10-10.45     Practice dancing until 10.45pm

£6 on the door - or £5 NUS
Please register with Sarah-Jane in the front entrance on the right side of the car park, then go to the back door, on the left side of the car park for your class in the back hall.

Please note that the class is for all levels of dancers with an 8pm start.  The class becomes more challenging 2/3 of the way through for the more experienced dancers.  Then there is a freestyle 10-10.30pm.

Party Night Fridays 8pm start for Intermediate Kiz dancers only
This is at our Salsa Caliente club night - click here for details

8-9.30pm      Class for Intermediates with Steve
9.30-1am       DJ Steve will keep you dancing all night

£10 on the door - or £5 NUS

Please register in the front hall first and then join the class in the back hall

(So that we know you are in the building)
The class will be in the dedicated Kizomba room while our other Salsa classes are running in the main hall of our Salsa Caliente club. You are welcome to join in the Salsa club running from 9pm-1am as part of the entrance price

click here for parking
on site (reserved for ladies) or opposite at Kwik Fit, Simply Bathrooms  & Indigo Press

Once you have learnt Kizomba, you can practice at TLC EVERY WEEK in our dedicated Kizomba rooms on a Thursday after the Salsa classes finish and our Friday Party Nights.
If arriving after 9.30pm just for the dancing, please pay £3 at the registration desks at our Thurs/Friday Salsa venues (see below) and we have the main room for Salsa and a smaller dedicated room for Kizomba at all venues - you can choose or mix in between.

9.45pm on a Thursday at the TLC studio, St Barnabas Hall - as above

or after 9.30pm at our  Friday Salsa Caliente club at the TLC studio, St Barnabas Hall

Kizomba originates from Angola mostly since the late 70s. Kizomba is a result of an evolution: of young generations, listening to traditional music like semba, and adding a modern touch by adding  electronic percussions and a slow sensual rhythms.

During the passing years, Kizomba has developed and spread worldwide. Many other related sounds and dancing patterns have been developing at the same time, not only in Angola but also Cape Verde and Antilles among others (tarrachinha, coladera, zouk…)

Although it was created in Angola it is often considered Portuguese due to it being sung in Portuguese and its popularity throughout Portugal.

The music has a romantic flow mixed with African rhythms, It is known for having a slow, insistent, funky urban, yet sensuous rhythm; the result of electronic percussion. It is ideally danced accompanied by a partner, very smoothly and slowly, though not too tightly.. generally sung in Portuguese or Cape-Verdean Creole. The dance is sensual, and can also be done to Semba music, which is usually faster paced than Kizomba.

In Portugal the word "kizomba" is used to call any zouk-derived type of music, even if it is not from Angola.