Some dancers have had queries about our Zoom classes, so Tracie has listed them below with her answers.

I’m a virgin Zoomer. 
Tracie can arrange to talk you through the process, to get you using Zoom like a pro and to allay your fears, long before the class starts.  Just contact Tracie

I don’t want to be watched
At the start, we all see each other on the screen as we ‘arrive’ into the class and have time for a quick chat.   When we start the class, Tracie asks all attendees to ‘pin’ her video and we mute each person, so that no-one accidentally interrupts the class and you can only see Tracie ‘maximised’ on your screen.  This way you cannot see anyone else and they can’t see you. You can truly dance like no-one is watching!

How will I learn?
Once everyone is on mute, Tracie starts the class with an easy warm up to the chosen track.  Then Tracie will show you simple movements to start with and apply them to a rhythm in the music which you practice for about 5 or 10 minutes. Tracie will play the music again, and you will see how the movements fit musically.   Claire is also on hand to give her top tips throughout.  More moves are added, more of the track is played etc etc until the end of the hour.

How will you know if I’m struggling?
At all times, Claire and Tracie ask if everyone is ok and if so, we get the thumbs up!  If thumbs are down, or wavering in the middle, we will ask and fix the issue. 

Can I ask questions?
Yes of course, we encourage everyone to ask, just like a normal class.  If you have a question, you just need to wave at the screen, we will un-mute you and Claire or I will answer and go over anything you need.

I’m a relative novice.
Tracie teaches simple moves, with easy technique all the way through and will apply these to the music. It’s your choice which version of the choreography you wish to use. 

I’m an advanced dancer.
Tracie will give more challenging options to the simple moves, by adding decorations/style, more difficult musicality, and more technique, all according to your experience.

I’m sat on Zoom all day.
We totally understand Zoom fatigue, but rather than think of it as another ‘seated’ meeting, think of it more as a ‘virtual experience’ of engaging with our beloved Tango

My house is a mess
You can choose not to have your video on of course.  Although, we would prefer if you all have your videos on so we can interact with you and see your lovely faces, we get that you might want your privacy.

Take the chance and dance with us – it can make such a difference to your soul in these troubled times …. or your money back!
You can download the Zoom app on any device and enter the Zoom ID/Password manually
Or you can click the link sent in the email after you have booked, which will take you to your browser and enter Zoom that way.
Desktops and laptops work well with Zoom, as you can see all the features on the screen.
Phones & other small devices can be used but are very limiting – unless you are a Zoom pro!
For a bigger experience, you could hook up your device to your TV screen and/or hook up to hi-fi or blue tooth speakers
The Zoom session will be open 15 minutes before so you can test the connection, get a drink, put your shoes on & chat with friends
We would prefer if you joined with your videos on so that we can see your lovely faces and interact with you
However, you can choose to have your videos off during the class if you feel particularly shy
When joining, please select ‘Gallery View’ so that you can see everyone there on the screen
If not, you may have to keep swiping or clicking to the right to see the other attendees
When the class is about to start, we will guide you through how to put your screen on ‘Speaker View’ or ‘Pin’ view so that you see Tracie on the whole screen!
If late to a class, please mute your own microphone as any noise from your side will be heard by others, and disrupt the teaching and/or the music playing
If you are suffering with a bad connection, try moving closer to your router and if still not resolved, then turn your video off
we hope that helps