18th Anniversary

Saturday 19th April 2014

The 18th anniversary of TLC Salsa in Southampton was a CRACKING day and night (yes a marathon 12 hours!) and a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended, or sent flowers, wine, cards, texts, FB wishes etc etc!

I am so very proud of all my team who have been with me for years (and some of them for the whole 18!) for helping me encourage everyone to dance and who really understand the passion we have for dance. So thank you Amy Large, Chris Gardner, Debbie Sherman, Gareth Deats,Hannah Swanborough, Isobel Howard, Jana Nicholson, Kim Potter ,Kimberley Chandler, Lorraine Lewis, Lorraine Williams Maxine Elliott,Naomi Holloway, Olga Taylor, Sarah-Jane Leader, Stephen C Phillips, Steve and all the guest DJ’s and guest teachers along the way. Thank you also to the wonderful Marchant & Davina Birch who performed an amazing show and for all their help, to DJ Julian Summers who played a wicked set and then finally, but most importantly to all you lovely dancers – because you are my ‘raison d’être’ and it’s always such an absolute pleasure to see all of you having so much fun in the home of TLC time and time again. Looking forward to the next 18+!!