Welcome to our Argentine Tango virtual experience from 12 January

Join us for a virtual dose of TLC!  Our passion for sharing this beautiful dance with you never stops – even in a lockdown.  So let’s twirl into 2021 together.   

If you’ve lost your mojo, then all the more reason to join us!  Book your class and stay positive, strong and active, both mentally and physically, with our extended family of dancers who are determined to keep dancing.  Give it a go – and if you don’t like it, your money back!

Tracie and Claire will take 1 class every Tuesday, (in their separate houses!) designed as a solo routine for all levels of Tango dancer.  If you are a confident dancer in any other style, such as Ballroom, Salsa, Ceroc etc, wanting to learn Argentine Tango as a solo dancer, then take this golden opportunity and join us.  We teach Tango figures, full of musicality and technique together with followers decorations and leaders style.  An example of one of our online Tango classes is shown opposite.  Our classes are hugely popular for all levels of dancer, giving easy & more challenging options, depending on your level of experience.  Our classes are super fun and we play a lot of uplifting Tango music to inspire you.

Take the chance and dance with us – it can make such a difference in these troubled times.

Some of our dancers have had queries about using Zoom, so we thought to share them with you and our answers – please click here to view

Once you have booked your class, you will receive a confirmation email immediately with the Zoom ID and password (check your junk folder if not!)

See you soon ‘on a screen near you’!

BEGINNERS WANTING TO LEARN – your chance to dance with us will come when we can all dance together and share the magic of this beautiful dance in a fully normal way.  Please contact Tracie so that she can keep you posted with details of our highly acclaimed Beginners classes.