Statement about Returning to Dance at TLC

Statement about Returning to Dance at TLC

Joint statement issued by:

Tracie’s Latin Club & Salsa Southampton (Tracie and Gareth)
Dance2Salsa Dance Company (Basil and Melissa)
Sweetlead Salsa (Trevor and Heidi)
OnSalsa (Giles and Rosa)

We would like to start by wishing you all good health as our lifestyles are changing and adapting.

As you will be aware there is a lot of speculation and concern in our dance community with regard to when would be the appropriate time to return to dance and what form that should take. As promoters providing dance classes and events in the wider area, we felt that it would be beneficial to come together to collaborate and in particular to share information with regard to the health and safety concerns as well as the issues of responsibility

As professional organisations providing classes and events, we are accountable and have a legal duty of care for our staff and dancers.

As a group, we have discovered very quickly that the issue of returning to dance is not at all straightforward and presents many challenges to ensure that we are operating within the law, following government guidance and following health and safety regulations.

These measures include such areas as:

  • Carrying out detailed risk assessments prior to providing classes
  • Ensuring that there is sufficient distance for our particular activities in an indoor environment (it’s not as simple as 1 metre plus unfortunately)
  • Ensuring that there is an adequate system of ventilation in the venue
  • Creating a one way system for entry/exit and avoiding touch points
  • Creating an online booking system for dancers attending classes
  • Working with our respective venues & operating within their guidelines
  • Ensuring the venue remains clean throughout and between classes
  • Keeping informed & adapting to the ongoing changes in guidance and regulations

The above are just some of the many areas that need to be considered (not to mention the financial implications), but we would like to assure you that it is our aim to work together to provide the safest environment for the reopening of our classes, parties and events. We would like to thank you in advance for remaining patient whilst we undertake this work. It is going to take some time to properly explore whether it is safe, practical and viable to reopen.

Thank you for your understanding and we will keep you informed.
Best wishes to you all

Tracie & Gareth