GOOD NEWS – We are reopening soon – Sept 2020

GOOD NEWS – We are reopening soon – Sept 2020

Dear all dancers

Finally we have some good news for you… we are preparing to reopen our classes at the TLC studio – hurrah!  We have missed teaching our super family of dancers so much and can’t wait to reconnect with everyone in real classes!  We are planning to re-open our classes from week beginning Monday 14 September (except for Kizomba as the back hall is too small for social distancing – sorry)

But first, we need your help.

In order for us to ensure classes are Covid-secure and as safe as possible for you, they will now have to be in a different format, and we will outline those details below.

What would be really helpful right now, is for those of you who are definitely interested in returning to classes, to complete our short survey so that we can timetable classes effectively to suit the majority of you.  Each style of dance has it’s own survey, so please click the links below.

By law, we have to ensure the venue and classes are Covid-secure, which means there are all sorts of restrictions and we will publish our process of keeping your safety as our priority later.  We won’t bore you with the details now (we’ve been trawling through all the guidance for months!) but here are the most important points which will affect classes for you:


  • Before opening, we will be publishing our risk assessment, diagram of the hall with marked out dance pods, and guidelines for attending classes
  • Numbers will be very limited due to a combination of ventilation guidelines (volume of air per person) and social distancing for an aerobic activity with movement (rather than on the spot).
  • We have added an extra 2m buffer zone around each dance pod to ensure social distancing wherever you are within your pod
  • Therefore we can only run one class level and type at a time with 10 dance pods, (ie either 10 solo dancers or 10 couples)
  • Contact (ie partnerwork) is only allowed between people from the same household or support bubble (unfortunately that doesn’t just mean a friend that dances Salsa – they must be from the one designated support bubble you have for all activities).
  • Therefore no social dancing and no changing partners (we will get there one day!)
  • Classes would be 1-1.5 hours each (in order to be able to offer enough classes at different levels for both individuals and partners) with a cleaning break between classes
  • Cost of classes would temporarily need to be slightly higher in order to cover costs with reduced numbers (£10 / £7 concessions).  
  • ALL classes will need to be pre-booked online.  NO cash on the door.


With all these safety aspects in mind, we are proposing these draft timetables for each style, but will adjust it according to the results of the survey.  We are trying to offer something for everyone, with the addition of Fridays to cover the rest, so please bear with us in this complicated process:

MONDAYS – BALLROOM & LATIN  with Claire & Tracie

6.30-7.45pm     Level and format dependant on survey.  £10 per person (£7 nus)
8.00-9.15pm     Level and format dependant on survey.  £10 per person (£7 nus)

TUESDAYS – TANGO with Claire & Tracie
7.00-8.00pm     Level and format dependant on survey.  £10 per person (£7 nus)
8.15-9.45pm     Advanced 1 hour class & guided practica for 6 couples only with practice dancing (within dance pod)  £15 per person
Please take the TANGO SURVEY HERE


7.00-8.00pm     Level 1+/2 partnerwork
8.15-9.15pm     Level 2/3 solo (footwork, body movement, turns etc)
9.30-10.30pm   Level 4/5 partnerwork (On1)


7.00-8.00pm     Level 1+/2 solo (footwork, body movement, turns etc). [Not for absolute beginners]
8.15-9.15pm     Level 4/5 solo (footwork, body movement, turns etc)
9.30-10.30pm   Level 3 partnerwork


7.00-8.00pm     Beginners (partnerwork course, also open to individuals without partners)
8.15-9.15pm     Specials (Bachata / Cha Cha / Musicality / On2 etc).  Level according to demand
9.30-10.30pm   Another class according to demand


We understand that some of you may still feel too cautious to attend, so please only complete the survey if you are definitely interested in booking classes.

Thank you for your understanding during this period of transition.  We know many of you will be disappointed that we are unable to offer more at this stage but hopefully the situation will change soon!

Best wishes to all of you 

Tracie & Gareth